Working with Carla was an incredibly pleasant and joyful experience. She is a wonderful communicator and kept me updated throughout the process. Sometimes buying or selling a home can be a headache but Carla makes sure everything runs as smooth and efficient as possible. I also found her to be hard working and knowledgeable about real estate in the area. Incredibly professional and detail oriented. I would give her 11 out of 10 stars.

- Jeremy S.

I have been connected to Carla over the last couple of years and she is truly a pleasure to work with. She is reliable, thorough and honest which is of the utmost importance to me when it comes to my properties and financial dealings. Her background as a CPA and her understanding of the market gives me confidence that she has my back as a long term client. The cherry on top is that she is genuinely warm and a delight to speak with. Carla will surely be in Rolodex of recommended contacts for years to come!

- Shannon R.

If you are looking for an agent that's willing to go above and beyond, I would highly recommend Carla . Her enthusiasm for what she does really shows up in her work. Every step of the way she anticipates problems and overcomes them easily before they become an issue. Her communication and ability to explain the process really helped put me at ease. Real estate can be daunting and stressful at times, but I felt very confident knowing that Carla had my back.

- Greg P.

Buyer Testimonial for Carla Ng

Santa Monica, CA
- Smooth and easy escrow
- I specialize in helping first time home buyers
- Cheers, and welcome home!

Hear From My Clients

Carla was great to work with. She scheduled showings quickly and always came prepared and armed with comps in the neighborhood when we were house hunting. I appreciated that level of organization. She spent countless hours touring homes with us and was very patient in helping us find the right fit. After we found a home, Carla was great at helping us decide what a competitive offer would like and walked us through the counteroffer process. I believe that was what ultimately helped us get the house (it was a competitive bidding process with 5 other offers the seller could choose from). Once our offer was accepted, Carla was great at helping us narrow down next steps. At the time, we were living in a different city, but Carla was great at handling everything on our behalf and only bringing us down to the house as needed. For example, we were planning on doing some remodeling once the house was purchased. Carla helped us find a contractor to give us an estimate and went to the house late on a Friday evening to make copies of the the house's architectural plans to send to me via email. Overall, I was very pleased with her work ethic. She helped coordinate between multiple parties (e.g. the bank, inspectors, etc.). It made the whole process very fluid and everyone was always on the same page. She helped keep our stress level down during the whole process and made each step of the process special and memorable. Thank you Carla!

Natalie N.

Having Carla as a real estate agent has been such a blessing as a first-time homebuyer. The whole process was a bit daunting at first, in all honesty, but, right off the bat, she was transparent about everything that needed to happen in order to become a homeowner. From the very beginning, it was clear that she was organized, responsive, and driven, which, in my opinion, is exactly what you need from a realtor in today's competitive housing market. To give you an idea of how smooth and seamless this experience has been, my wife and I just met Carla a little over a month ago and we are getting our keys from her today! Obviously not everyone will be this lucky (as far as turnaround is concerned), but Carla played a huge role here. First off, her insights into what makes a buyer's application competitive was key, especially considering that the seller had multiple offers on the table. Second, she was in constant communication with our loan consultant and processor to ensure that all of our contingencies would be met in a timely manner. Additionally, she always kept us in the loop and consistently checked in to make sure we were on top of signing documents or anything else that required our attention. All in all, it was such a joy to have Carla as a real estate agent. She is, without a doubt, committed to her craft. Don't miss out on your future home by not having someone as diligent as Carla by your side from the get-go!

Steve Lopez

Seller Testimonial for Carla Ng

- 118 viewing appointments
- 26 Offers
- In escrow after 9 days
- Sold for $311,000 over asking price
- Final price of $1,560,000

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